Knitting Machine Lets You Design and 3D Print Your Own Clothes

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own clothes with the touch of a button, Kniterate may be the machine for you. Renowned for its compact size and accessible nature, the digital knitting machine is a futuristic alternative to outdated and expensive mechanized methods of the past.

Using an app, individuals are able to design their own garments—including beanies, ties, dresses, sweaters, and even shoes—on a piece-by-piece basis. The pattern for each article of clothing can either be made entirely from scratch or with the help of templates offered by the application. Once the design is finalized, it is sent to the machine, which employs a computer-controlled needle to magically 3D print it. It’s that simple!

Kniterate allows users to fully customize each product and bring seemingly daunting designs to life. The revolutionary knitting machine features multiple yarn carriers that can be equipped with any threads of any color. Additionally, the unique, pre-made layouts allow users to add images and text to their designs and utilize different types of stitches, making each finished product a one-of-a kind work of art. “With a library of templates and up to six feeders,” its creators explain, “you will be able to make amazing patterns, structures and shapes that would be hard to knit otherwise.”

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